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Make Your Marriage Great!

Strength for your marriage, even when times get hard. We've been there and we understand. God can still work miracles in marriage!

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Supporting the church!

The foundation is Christ and families are the building material. It would be our privilege to share with your church families how God can greatly use them!

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The Ministry Is SO Very Busy

Ready to teach Bible studies, church software, leadership help, training materials, and more tools to help those in the ministry stay on time and on track for the Lord.

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Make the most of your money!

Too many families end up in financial trouble! There is freedom from the financial crisis! There is a way to make the most of your money! Learn more......

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Help Your Family Navigate A Troubled World

Yes. You can do more with your family! Yes. You can protect your family from the snares of the world! Yes, God wants to bless and help your family!

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Yes - You Can Take A Vacation!

Most pastors feel that they can't afford a break, either because of time or money. In reality, most pastors can NEED to take the time and can afford it. Let's us give you some ideas!

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CMG4Life - Helping Pastors, Christians, & Families Press Toward The Mark!

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Why CMG4Life?

Because the church needs the pastor to be encouraged in his work and faithful to his family. Far too many pastors, too many churches are struggling - fighting the world to stay right! Check out the statistics and let us help!

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Online Protection and Integrity - For The Pastor, His Family & the Church

In the world today, we are bombarded with images, thoughts, media, that do harm to our self-worth, our minds, and most of all our hearts. There is an answer!

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Training For Future Church Leaders!

Pastors - what if you had a way to train up leaders your way from within your own church -and they NEVER had to move away to go to college? What if a family didn't have to move in order to get training for the ministry? What if the pastor directed the training? What if it was really affordable? All of that if Church Ministries Baptist College! Check it out!

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The New Life Baptist Church Mission Project

Dr & Mrs. Grimbilas opened the doors of New Life Baptist Church on 9/27/15. Located in one of the most impoverished areas in the state, this is a work of the heart. The need for the Lord is real! Please take a moment to look at the New Life Baptist Missions Project

Thinking Out Loud .....

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Life Changes and Life Challenges

For every pastor, and for every church, life brings both changes and challenges.  If you consider what happened to Paul on the road to Damascus, that was a major, life changing event.  Because […]

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Grace Expressed

There is nothing greater than grace.  It’s simple. It’s true. Michelle and I have been the choice recipients of God’s grace. For years, we have been involved in starting churches. We have taught […]

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What does CMG4Life mean?

When it comes right down to it, CMG4Life means "commitment." The "C" is for Chris, the "M" is for Michelle and the "G" is for our last name. The numeric 4 simply means "for" and the word "Life" speaks for itself - the length of our relationship. There are two commitments Michelle and I hold dear. The first is our commitment to Jesus Christ. The next is our commitment to one another. Those commitments have carried us through every hardship and trial. It is all by God's grace!

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